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The Hokema Kalimba B17 brings a new dimension to improvisational playing, storytelling and music school work. Musicians and storytellers love its 17-note keyboard and beginners love to use this intuitive instrument that always sounds right.

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82,50 €

The Hokema Kalimba B17 is perfect for improvisation on stage or in the studio. The 17-note keyboard makes it ideal for musicians and storytellers, but it can also be used at home or in relaxation, yoga and sound therapy workshops. The B17 kalimba is very intuitive to play without needing to know the music.

It has a classic note layout with blades aligned in a V-shape. To build up the scale, start in the centre on C (note with a mark) then play the notes alternately from left to right, towards the sides. The Hokema 17 blade kalimba is handcrafted with passion and rigour and is precisely tuned in the key of C major, which allows a multitude of well-known songs to be played.

As with the other kalimbas, you can change the scale by moving the blades with the dedicated tool and thus vary your playing moods. Also known as a sanza or thumb piano, the Kalimba can be held in the hands or placed on a support (e.g. a table or a drum) to amplify its sound.

The custom-made protective cover is a real plus to protect your Kalimba B17 and bring it everywhere with you. Optional kalimba bag --> Add the bag to your kalimba and get a discount of 3,00 € (see drop-down menu above).

Tuning: C major ( D - B - G - E - C - A - F - D - C - E - G - B - D - F - A - C - E )

Body: Cerry wood
Notes: 17
Dimensions: 175 x 180 x 40 mm
Weight: 615 g


Instructions for tuning the Sansula or Kalimba B9

Download (282.5k)

Kalimba B17 Manual

Tips for using and carrying Kalimba B17

Download (1.36M)
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Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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