HOKEMA - Twin Kalimba Expand

HOKEMA - Twin Kalimba



With the Twin Kalimba you can play alone or in pairs! This instrument allows a very intuitive play without needing to know the music. Improvise beautiful melodies and share a unique sound and sensory experience.

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82,50 €

With the Twin Kalimba and its two 9-blade keyboards tuned in the same way, you can play alone or in pairs. The Twin Kalimba hokema is therefore 2 x kalimba B9 but on one board!

- Playing in pairs:
The Twin Kalimba was created out of a desire to have an instrument that could be played together. Whether couples, friends, a therapist and patient, or children, this kalimba model allows for a shared sound experience. When tuned in the same way, the blades always produce harmonious sound sequences. The sound vibrations are transmitted to the wood and can be felt by the playing partner, not only acoustically but also physically.

- Playing alone:
Hold the Twin Kalimba transversely in both hands, so that each thumb plays on a set of blades. The two keyboards produce a sound rich in overtones and reverberation, because with each blade played, the tuned sound of the opposite side resonates. The advanced kalimba player has a multitude of possibilities to create scales by tuning the different notes. The custom-made transport and protective case is a real plus for protecting your Twin Kalimba and taking it with you everywhere.

Tuning: 2 x A minor ( A - C - C - A - A - F - E - E - B )

Body: Black cherry wood
Dimensions  300 x 90 x 40 mm
Weight: 440 g


Instructions for tuning the Sansula or Kalimba B9

Download (282.5k)

Kalimba Twin Manual

Tips for using and carrying Twin Kalimba

Download (1.61M)
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Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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