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Sansula Basic | Special tunings | 432HZ or 440HZ



In addition to the standard Sansula model tuned in A minor, 14 other scales are available here with a pitch of 440Hz or 432 Hz. A total of 24 variations to choose from, and the possibility of adding a dedicated bag with discounted price!
Special ranges are tuned to order by the manufacturer Hokema.
Delivery time: about 3 weeks

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86,67 €

Gamme Akebono / Akebono Tuning

Gamme La mineur 7 / Am 7 Tuning

Gamme Hijaz / Hijaz Tuning

Gamme Pygmy / Pygmy Tuning

Gamme Ré majeur / D major Tuning

Gamme Céleste en La / Heavenly A Tuning

Gamme Beautiful Mi / Beautiful E Tuning

Gamme Sol majeur Pentatonique / G major pentatonic Tuning

Hokema offers you a whole range of tones tuned directly at the workshop, which you can select from the drop-down menu above. Discover new inspiring atmospheres without having to tune your kalimba yourself.

The sansula
- invention patented by HOKEMA - is a further development of the kalimba (also called sanza or mbira), which originated in southern Africa. Kalimbas are fluted instruments that are pinched with the thumbs or fingers. In Africa, they are found in countless forms and designs, in which the vibration of the blades is amplified in different ways (e.g. on a resonance box, a hollow body such as a calabash or simply a solid piece of wood).

As with the Hokema Kalimbas, the Sansula is finished to a high standard. The body is made of beech and the top of cherry. The stainless steel slats are curved at the end for better playing comfort. They are fairly close together, allowing the musician to play in a limited space with the short blades (2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th) higher than the long ones. This arrangement makes it possible to slide from one blade to the other very easily and optimises the playing technique considerably.

The very thin cellulose skin is stretched and held in place by a rubber ring. The wah-wah effect is very pronounced because the musician will lift the whole body. A unique and innovative creation in the beautiful world of Kalimbas... a real little wonder!

The custom made Sansula carrying and protection case is highly recommended to protect the skin of the Sansula and will allow you to bring your instrument with you everywhere. Add it in the drop-down menu above the price.


Sansula in 432 Hz or 440 Hz? --> Choose the pitch from the drop-down menu above the price.

Notes: 9
Body: Beechwood
Membrane: Cellulose
Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm
Weight: 320 g

Sansula Basic manual

Tips for using and carrying Sansula Basic

Download (1.46M)
Knowledge made in France
Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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Personalized advice and customer services

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