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Zenko Element - TERRA


Anyone can play the Zenko Element! An impressive little Tank Drum (tongue drum) with magical sound.

It is one of those instruments that plunges us into an immediate softness and relaxation. The Zenko Element is a joyful and soothing instrument, whether it is used for oneself, for a child, during massages, yoga relaxations or in working with sick people.

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207,50 €

The Zenko Element Terra is an original creation of Metal Sounds. Made in our workshop, its precise tuning and alloying produce a rich harmonic sound. Gently tap the notes of the Zenko Element Terra with the sticks and the relaxing, crystalline sounds will enchant and soothe you immediately.

The Zenkos Elements range is themed around the 4 ELEMENTS that make up our environment. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The 4 Zenko Element models can be played together because their scales are harmonized.

On the practical side, the Zenko Element has three rubber feet that allow it to be placed on a variety of supports. This small, intuitive melodic percussion instrument can also be played easily by holding it in one hand or resting it on your thighs.
Its size allows you to take it everywhere with you thanks to the including carrying bag.

TERRA Tuning: E4 F4 G4 C5 E5 F5 G5 C6 (available in 440 hz and 432 hz)

Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 8''
Notes: 8
Profile colour: Green
Net weight: 1,150 kgs

Accessories included:
Pair of mallets
Soft bag

Special conditions for dealers and structures, Contact us

Knowledge made in France
Knowledge made in France
Creator of unique instruments
Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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Personalized advice and customer services

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