Reduced price! Zenko Element - TERRA Expand

1 Zenko element + 1 Sansula "Koshi" EARTH / WATER / AIR / FIRE + Bag


Zenko Element + Sansula "Koshi" Pack - 432Hz

2 magical instruments that plunge us into an immediate softness and relaxation.

You can choose from 4 "ELEMENT" scales (KOSHI carril tones).

The Zenko and the Sansula are tuned to play together!

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A pack with 4 ELEMENTS to choose from specially created for you!

ZENKO ELEMENT + SANSULA "Koshi" (bag inclusive) --> 4 ELEMENTS TO CHOOSE

For those of you who use Koshi chimes, but also for those who don't know this little wonder yet, here are the Zenko Element and the Sansula Hokema : Terra, Aqua, Aria and Ignis !

The instruments are tuned to the same keys for each of the ELEMENTS. You have the possibility to play with a tongue drum + a kalimba + a chime (if you have a Koshi carrilon) tuned in 432Hz on the same mode.

The Zenko Element is a real musical instrument, an original creation of Metal Sounds. Made in our workshop, its precise tuning and alloying produce crystalline notes rich in harmonics. Strike the Zenko Element's blades gently with the chopsticks and its relaxing sound will enchant and soothe you immediately.

The Zenko Element's theme is the 4 ELEMENTS that make up our environment. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The 4 Zenko Element models and the 4 Sansula (as well as the Koshi) can be played together because their scales are harmonized.

The Sansula is a little acoustic marvel that is totally intuitive.

The small size of the two instruments makes it easy to take them everywhere and the pack includes two custom-made carrying cases to keep the instruments well-protected.

2 top-of-the-range percussion instruments made in Europe and playable by all!

  •     TERRA (EARTH): MI4 FA4 SOL4 DO5 MI5 FA5 SOL5 DO6
  •     AQUA (WATER) : FA4 SOL4 LA4 RÉ5 FA5 SOL5 LA5 RÉ6
  •     ARIA (AIR): MI4 LA4 SI4 DO5 MI5 LA5 SI5 DO6
  •     IGNIS (FIRE) : SOL4 LA4 SI4 RE5 SOL5 LA5 SI5 RE6

Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 20 cm (overall 22 cm)
Notes: 8
Profile colour: Green
Net weight: 1,140 kgs

Accessories included:
Pair of rods


Details :
Number of notes: 9
Body : Beech
Membrane : Cellulose
Dimensions : 198 x 155 x 67 mm
Weight : 320

Accessories included:
Deluxe bag

Zenko Manual

Presentation booklet of the steel tongue drum Zenko. Game instructions with the note patterns, care instructions and warranties. Free download.

Download (1.7M)

Sansula Basic manual

Tips for using and carrying Sansula Basic

Download (1.46M)

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  • David C.
    Published 12/01/2023 à 23:57 (Order date: 03/01/2023)

    Perfect !!!

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Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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