Showroom of Metal Sounds' workshop

Our team welcomes you to the Metal Sounds workshop and showroom in Saint-André-de-Sangonis (20 mn from Montpellier). Created in 2016, the workshop is now able to receive the public with a space dedicated to the presentation and discovery of our musical instruments. It is with pleasure that we will make you discover the secrets of Metal Sounds instrument making and you will also be able to try our handpans and steel tongue drums in a calm and comfortable environment. Here are some pictures to give you a taste of our work.

Exhibition of our handpan and steel tongue drum

The Metal Sounds showroom is open to you by appointment, from Monday to Friday. Elie DACENKO, the workshop manager, will advise you, guide you and answer all your questions concerning the manufacture of the instruments. The exhibition of the instruments allows you to understand the differences that characterize each line of handpan (Spacedrum® Evolution / Spacedrum® Nitro / Spacedrum® Travel), as well as the specificities of our Zenko® steel tongue drums. We usually have several models and ranges of instruments on display in the showroom. This may vary from period to period so please ask which models are on display when you make an appointment.

Metal Sounds handpans

As a craftsman, Metal Sounds designs and builds all its handpans (hangdrum / Pantam). From the choice of materials and shapes, to the final touch, tuning and finishing. Our handpans are like us: innovative, qualitative and reliable over time. Everyone will be able to find what they are looking for according to their perception, their objectives and their sensitivity. Are you looking for a handpan that is more vibratory? More percussive? Are you sedentary or nomadic? You wish to set up an educational project based on musical practice? Our different lines of Spacedrum® handpan will meet your expectations.

> Spacedrum® Evolution

The Evolution line exists since 2008, it is the very first French handpan in stainless steel. In constant evolution, it is now in its 5th generation.
Its main characteristics are :

  • A large diameter of 60 cm which brings volume to the sound.
  • A long resonance thanks to the stainless steel we use and the assembly of the shells by welding.
  • A brilliant and rich timbre in harmonics induced by the architecture of the hammered notes.
  • An inverted pattern compared to the standard handpan
  • A range of original scales (Deep Sky, Anaziska, Hokkaido...) and of course our famous 13-note chromatic model!
> Spacedrum® Nitro

Nitro comes from "nitrogen". It refers to the treatment of steel (a mild steel type DC04) by "nitriding", which is the addition of nitrogen to the surface of the metal in order to harden it and better protect it against corrosion. The Spacedrum Nitro left our workshops in 2019 and its success does not wane, on the contrary! We are proud and happy to be able to offer an original handpan, entirely designed by our entire team and which meets the requirements of connoisseurs and purists.
Its main characteristics are :

  • Standard diameter of 55 cm for a perfect playing ergonomics.
  • A 1.2mm thick material specially selected by us to favour the balance between percussive touch and resonance.
  • Variable colours depending on the batch of our in-house heat treatments. The charm of an authentic aesthetic.
  • A selection of popular and original scales offering a good compatibility with most of the scales played by handpan players in the community.
> Spacedrum® Travel

The latest in the family. It is smaller, lighter, and combines different aspects of our Spacedrum Evolution and Nitro. The Spacedrum Travel meets different types of needs. Its size makes it easy to carry, which will appeal to travellers. Tuned in the diatonic scale of A minor, it is the perfect handpan for individual or group learning, and is already finding its way into teaching and educational environments.
Its main characteristics are :

  • A very easy to play and resistant instrument (ø 50 cm / thickness 1.2 mm / weight 4 kg).
  • A musical range (Am) that is both intuitive and educational, allowing an easy approach to music theory.
  • High quality stainless steel meeting European standards for use in schools and hospitals.
  • A low price which should allow to democratize a little more the access to the handpan.

Metal Sounds steel tongue drums

When Elie DACENKO joined the Metal Sounds team in 2012, he was making steel tongue drums, or rather tank drums (or hank drums), using recycled gas bottles. The beauty of his work and his human qualities totally convinced us.

> Zenko®

In 2014 the chrysalis turned into a butterfly, the gas cylinder evolved into a design object with impeccable finishes. The Zenko is the image of our team, a fusion of our skills and our sensibilities to recreate together a modern instrument, now recognized worldwide (nearly 300 retailers in over 35 countries).
Its main characteristics are :

  • The very first tongue drum made of stainless steel and spot-welded for optimal resonance.
  • A design and a quality of finishing which honours our know-how as French craftsmen.
  • Accessories (supplied) specially designed for him.
  • Educational booklets and original compositions to get him started with his Zenko.
  • A complete range of music, for all tastes and all levels.
> Zenko® Element

Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether are the 5 elements we all know. They are the basis of all life and are connected to telluric and astral vibrational energies. And we like the idea of symbolizing the transmission of these energies through the sound waves of the Zenko Element. They harmonize perfectly with the Koshi® chimes, made in the South of France. Harmony, balance and vibrations, here is perhaps the beginning of a winning equation to better channel our energies.
Its main characteristics are :

  • Small 8-note format, very easy to carry.
  • A pure and crystalline resonance that lasts a long time.
  • A choice of pitches in 440 Hz, 432 Hz or 429.6 Hz (natural frequency of water)
  • A sleek design that blends in perfectly with other mediation and relaxation instruments.
  • Quality accessories to accompany and play your Zenko Element.

Try a handpan or a steel tongue drum

Although the instruments made by Metal Sounds are present in several music shops in France and abroad, the showroom experience remains unique because it will allow you to enter directly into the world of instrument making through the visit of the workshop and through the exchanges with the craftsman.
One of the main purposes of the showroom is to allow you to try our instruments. After having discovered and tested different models of handpan or tongue drum, it is possible to buy an instrument directly on the spot (within the limits of available stocks and models of course). In case a range you are interested in is not available we can take your order for a later delivery.

The showroom area

Everything is done to make you feel comfortable so that you can try out our handpans and tongue drums in the best conditions. No stress, you are here to test the instruments by taking your time, to familiarize yourself with each of them and to let the charm operate. Do you have any questions? We are here to answer them.

A friendly place

Tea or coffee? At the St André showroom you will find simplicity and human warmth. You can play sitting on a sofa and coffee table as if you were at home, or standing in our play area on a dedicated stand.

Meet the manufacturer

Elie DACENKO, workshop manager and tuner of Spacedrum, will communicate with passion what makes the daily life of a handpan maker. We like this direct contact with our customers and it has sometimes led to real friendly relationships.
In addition to the technical details that the manufacturer can give you, the meeting in the showroom is above all an opportunity to create a link between people, to generate trust by opening up, by making our profession accessible.

New and second-hand instruments

It may happen that some of the instruments on display in the showroom are second-hand or out of date (minor defects, prototypes). We want to give buyers with a limited budget the opportunity to realise their dream. Second-hand instruments are rare but often excellent!
However, most of the Spacedrum and Zenko presented in the showroom are new.

Personalized advice and support

To help you choose your melodic percussion instrument, we need to know more about you, your relationship with music, your approach and possibly your project. Our experience will enable you to better determine what will suit you.

We are often asked the question of the choice of musical scale. There is no such thing as a bad choice because it must be based on your own feelings, there is no such thing as a good or bad scale! However, here again, we will try to guide you with objective elements even if the final decision is yours.

NOTE: The showroom is adjacent to our workshop where our team works every day, so it is essential to make an appointment before coming, so we can receive you in the best conditions. To request an appointment, please send us an e-mail to

Visit the handpan and steel tongue drum workshop

Your visit will be an opportunity to take a tour of our workshop. We will explain how a steel plate can be transformed into a musical instrument and how we have had to adapt our tools to meet this innovative challenge. Although they are melodic metal percussion instruments, you will see that making a handpan does not require the same techniques and skills as making a steel tongue drum. Stamping, pressing, burning, hammering, assembling, polishing... are just some of the steps involved in making a handpan. It's amazing how much time can be spent on these steel plates!

A handpan manufacturer with a strong identity

The handpan, also known as a pantam and still often mistakenly called a "Hang drum", has become in two decades an emblematic instrument of our century. Metal Sounds was built on this intuition. Our passion for music and our taste for innovative challenges naturally led us to become the first handpan manufacturer in France. Very early on, we sought to develop new shapes and test various materials to give our melodic percussion instruments a strong identity.
Thanks to various scientific and technical support (Auroch, École des mines...) and following numerous tests, we developed a unique manufacturing process. By taking charge of all the manufacturing stages of our instruments, and in particular the selection of our steels, we are asserting our desire to distance ourselves from the tendency of many manufacturers to use the same material, which has the effect of standardising the timbre of handpans.

Visit of the Spacedrum handpan workshop

Almost all the manufacturing steps of our Spacedrum are visible in St André, but some steps are made in our second workshop (Monteux, 84). However, the visit of the St André workshop will allow you to understand how a handpan is made.

The different stages in the making of a handpan

Many tools are necessary to achieve our goals, from the hydraulic press to the tuners' ears! It's a world of discovery for both the engineering curious and the arts and crafts enthusiast. Some people sometimes ask us if there is a secret formula... not really, but a little! Let's just say that our research and development efforts in the manufacturing process, combined with the know-how of our "master tuners" are the essential ingredients that create the alchemy.

The manufacture of Zenko steel tongue drums

Polishing, heat treatment, cutting and shaping The Zenko is a "high-tech" steel tongue drum! The way it is made is almost as fascinating as the instrument itself. Each Metal Sounds steel tongue drum is a little gem of engineering and craftsmanship. Machines simplify the task but the hand will always be essential to give the extra soul that our customers expect.

Visit to the Zenko tongue drum workshop

The workshop in St André is the epicentre of the Zenko production. It is here that some 150 Zenko are made each month, to be sent to the four corners of the world. From the reception of the raw materials to the shipping station, you will be able to visit our entire production line and discover the many processes we have put in place.

The different stages in the manufacture of a steel tongue drum

Steel tongue drums are less complex to make than handpans, if you have the right tools and the right people! The team at the St André workshop is versatile, everyone knows how to do just about everything. Despite the significant number of Zenko's manufactured each month in St André, special care is taken with each one because we know how much our customers expect them. So, from shaping, through assembly, tuning, to the very last finishing touches and packaging, our team works hard every day to earn the reputation of excellence of our work.
To find out more about the manufacture of Spacedrum and Zenko click on "the making".

Buy a handpan or a tongue drum in the showroom

If the Metal Sounds showroom is mainly dedicated to the exhibition and testing of instruments, it is also possible to leave with one of them! The Spacedrum are generally not all represented, but the Zenko and all our accessories are available. Payment methods accepted in the showroom are credit cards (VISA, Mastercard), cheques and cash. Contact us on for more information on availability and payment conditions.

Crush on a Metal Sounds instrument

It is often said that it is not you who chooses your handpan, but the handpan that chooses you. Indeed, a very strong connection can be established between a person and a musical instrument and this is a moment that should not be missed because this connection is at the very heart of the instrumental practice. The magic can also happen while playing one of the many scales of Zenko. So take your time, let yourself be carried away by the instruments you will have the opportunity to try. And if a little voice tells you that this is the right choice, then listen to it!

Order a handpan

You liked our instruments but you would like a musical range that is not available in the showroom? This is not a rare case and you can place your order directly with Elie, the workshop manager, wait a few weeks and adopt the lotus position while waiting for your Spacedrum to land on your thighs.
All good things come to those who wait...

Prices and payment terms

Metal Sounds instruments come at a significant cost, and we are aware of this, just as our customers are aware of the cost. You will find the prices of our instruments and accessories below:
Metal Sounds handpan prices / Metal Sounds steel tongue drum prices / Metal Sounds steeldrum prices.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access our instruments, which is why we are prepared to offer you various financing solutions, at no extra cost, which will be adapted to your situation. So don't hesitate to talk to us and we will find a formula to make your dream come true.

How and when to visit us?

Our workshop and showroom are open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm. A prior appointment is essential in order to guarantee the quality of the meeting. Due to sanitary conditions, we are obliged to limit access to the showroom to a maximum of 6 people at any one time.
Please note that the instruments are systematically disinfected after each visit to guarantee total hygiene and safety.

Why are visits by appointment only?
Visiting our instrument making workshop requires that we are really available to explain our work to you. Whether you come from far away, just for the day, or whether you are from the region, we don't want to miss the meeting. Moreover, the workshop is above all a production area and any impromptu visit is likely to disrupt our work organisation. Finally, COVID-19 obliges us all to make efforts, physical distancing and disinfection are part of these new standards that we hope are temporary. A sequenced reception of our visitors allows us to meet the sanitary obligations without having to sacrifice too much human contact.

How to make an appointment?

By e-mail only:
Send us your request and propose a date (or several) and remember to leave us your telephone contact so that we can call you back. We will contact you to confirm an appointment and give you the address of the workshop to go to.

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Französische Handwerkskunst
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Hersteller einzigartiger Instrumente
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Kunsthandwerk, garantiert höchste Qualität
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