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Showroom of Metal Sounds Workshop

Welcome to the Metal Sounds showroom located in our workshop in Mmonteux (84, nearby Avignon). This new space is dedicated to the presentation and discovery of our musical instruments in a calm and comfortable environment. The Metal Sounds showroom is open to you by appointment, from Monday to Friday and our team is at your disposal to advise you, guide you and answer your questions.

The exhibition of instruments allows you to understand the specificities of the handpan models we manufacture (Spacedrum® Evolution / Spacedrum® Nitro / Spacedrum® Inox / Spacedrum® Travel), as well as the characteristics of Zenko® steel tongue drums. Several models and ranges of instruments are on display in the showroom. Please note that the availability of some models may vary according to the period, so do not hesitate to ask which models and ranges are available when you make an appointment.

Why come and try a handpan, tongue drum or steeldrum at the Showroom?

Although Metal Sounds instruments can be found in many music shops, the showroom experience is unique. The first advantage is that it gives you direct access to the world of the maker. Talking to the craftsman and trying out his instruments allows you to better understand his vision, his way of working and the specificities that characterise his instruments. One of the main purposes of the showroom is also to allow you to benefit from the advice of an expert in the field of handpan, tongue drum and steel drum.

A friendly place

Tea or coffee? At the Monteux's showroom you will find simplicity and human warmth. You can play sitting on the sofa, on the floor like at home, or standing in our play area on a dedicated stand. Everything is done for your comfort so that you can test our handpans and steel tongue drums in the best conditions. No stress, you are here to discover, try and play the instruments while taking your time. You can become familiar with the instruments that you like and let their charm work its magic.

Meet the Maker

Philippe MAIGNAUT, workshop manager and handpan tuner, as well as Julien BARKER, the production manager, will share with you the daily life of a handpan or steel tongue drum maker. We like to share special moments with the people who visit us. In addition to the technical details that the manufacturer will be able to give you, the meetings in the showroom are above all an opportunity to create a link between people, to generate trust by sharing our ideas and experiences and by making our profession accessible.

Benefit from personalized support

To help you understand how to play our instruments, why they have this or that specificity, and to enable you to choose your melodic percussion instrument, we will need to know more about you. We will listen to you about your relationship to music, your approach and possibly your project. Then our experience will enable us to determine what will suit you best. We are often asked the question of the choice of the musical scale. There is no wrong choice because it must be based on your own feelings, there is no right or wrong scale! However, here again, we will try to guide you with objective elements even if the final decision is yours.

Buy a handpan or a tongue drum in the showroom

If the Metal Sounds showroom is mainly dedicated to the exhibition and testing of instruments, it is also possible to leave with one of them! It is often said that it is not you who chooses your handpan, but the handpan that chooses you. Indeed, a very strong connection can be established between a person and a musical instrument and this is a moment that should not be missed because this connection is at the very heart of the instrumental practice. The magic can also happen while playing one of the many scales of Zenko. So take your time, let yourself be carried away by the instruments you will have the opportunity to try. And if a little voice tells you that this is the right choice, then listen to it!

Not all Spacedrums are represented, but Zenko and all our accessories are available. Payment methods accepted in the showroom are credit cards (VISA, Mastercard), cheques and cash. Please contact us on info@metalsounds.fr for more information on availability and payment conditions.

Note: some of the instruments on display in the showroom may be used or downgraded (minor defects or prototypes). These instruments sometimes allow customers with a limited budget to achieve their dream. Second-hand instruments are rare but often excellent!

How and when to visit us?

Our workshop and showroom are open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. A prior appointment is essential in order to guarantee the quality of the meeting. Due to sanitary conditions, we are obliged to limit access to the showroom to a maximum of 6 people at any one time.
Please note that the instruments are systematically disinfected after each visit to guarantee total hygiene and safety.
Why are visits by appointment only?

Visiting our instrument making workshop requires that we are really available to explain our work to you. Whether you come from far away, just for the day, or whether you are from the region, we don't want to miss the meeting. Moreover, the workshop is above all a production area and any impromptu visit is likely to disrupt our work organisation. Finally, COVID-19 obliges us all to make efforts, physical distancing and disinfection are part of these new standards that we hope are temporary. A sequenced reception of our visitors allows us to meet the sanitary obligations without having to sacrifice too much human contact.

How to make an appointment?

By e-mail only: info@metalsounds.fr
Send us your request and propose a date (or several) and remember to leave us your telephone contact so that we can call you back. We will contact you to confirm an appointment and give you the address of the workshop to go to.

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