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Experience and feel the vibrational power of metal percussion instruments with the sounds of Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum, and Steeldrum! Through our selection of videos, discover these melodic percussions in action and learn how to interpret the instruments with renowned artists. Whether you are a novice, beginner musician, or experienced player, find unique performances to inspire you and enhance your playing!

Grab a good pair of headphones or earphones and let yourself be carried away by the magic of these intuitive metal instruments.

Listen handpan music

Listening to Handpan music is a unique and meditative experience that offers listeners a variety of sonic landscapes. With our Spacedrum handpans, you can discover unique and inspiring performances through our selection of videos (see link below) featuring our instruments and collaborations between various artists. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, these exclusive contents will inspire you and help improve your playing. Additionally, some of our videos provide practical tips for maintaining your Spacedrum handpan.

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Listen to tongue drum music

The steel tongue drum is a percussive metal instrument with different tongue-shaped notes. This inherently intuitive instrument produces deep vibrations that can be used in various music genres to create atmospheres, accompany melodies, or add texture to compositions.

The performances and collaborations featured in this selection of videos (see link below) showcase the artistic potential of the steel tongue drum and provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities offered by this type of instrument.

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Listen steelpan music

The steeldrum is the most popular instrument from the Caribbean, and its warm melody has captured the world's attention. This metal percussion instrument consists of a single steel drum that offers an infinite variety of sounds and rhythms.

With its unique and rich sound, this steel drum is played with sticks to produce rich and crystalline tones. Its diverse range of notes provides musicians with a multitude of options to create intense and emotive melodies.

The videos featured on our dedicated page (see link below) cater to all levels of play, from beginners to professionals. You can find spectacular solo interpretations or magical musical collaborations between different artists, bringing original compositions to life. The performances perfectly capture the essence of the steeldrum and demonstrate how this instrument can be used to create a rich and diverse musical repertoire.

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Metal Sounds percussion instruments showroom

The Metal Sounds Showroom, located in Monteux (84, Avignon's area), is open by appointment from Monday to Friday, allowing you to discover and try out our instruments in a calm and friendly environment. This space is dedicated to showcasing the musical instruments manufactured by the workshop and offers visitors the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of an expert in the field of handpans, tongue drums, and steeldrums.

You will find several models and ranges of instruments on display for sale, as well as a dedicated space for musical practice to better understand the characteristics of Spacedrums® Evolution, Spacedrum® Nitro, Spacedrum® Inox, Spacedrum® Travel, and Zenko® and Zenko® Element steel tongue drums.

You will receive a warm welcome from Philippe MAIGNAUT, the workshop's chief craftsman and tuner, or Nathanaël, the production manager. Booking an appointment is essential to access the showroom, and a maximum limit of 6 people at a time applies. Requests can be made by email: info@metalsounds.fr.

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