Spacedrum® - The Handpan according to Metal Sounds

SPACEDRUM handpans are intuitive musical instruments inspired by the steel drum and the famous Hang® created by PANArt®. As the first French manufacturer of handpans, Metal Sounds stands out for its innovation in design and concept. Discover 4 unique handpan ranges to meet all needs, modes and levels of musical practice:

The Spacedrum EVOLUTION: a line of handpans unique in the world with very specific sound characteristics and a note layout reversed from that of other Spacedrums. A large handpan with deep and powerful low ranges, it is easy to play and has a long lasting sound. It is an ideal instrument for relaxation, music therapy, sound therapy (sonology), etc.

The Spacedrum NITRO: Made of nitrided steel, this handpan has very different sound characteristics from the Spacedrum Evolution. It is a handpan intended for musicians and percussionists who want a balanced instrument designed to reproduce with precision the various striking techniques, soft or more dynamic fingerings. The Spacedrum NITRO MASTER PIECE expands the range of possibilities with the addition of extra notes on the bottom of the instrument.

The Spacedrum TRAVEL: A compact stainless steel handpan, this ergonomic percussion instrument is mainly dedicated to educational practices in schools or specialised environments. The Spacedrum Travel is a real hit with young people and people who travel a lot. An inexpensive handpan that is easy to carry and play, the Spacedrum Travel is lightweight and requires very little maintenance.
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