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Spacedrum® - The Handpan according to Metal Sounds

As France's leading handpan manufacturer, Metal Sounds has always stood out for the originality of the design and sound of its handpans. The know-how acquired over many years of handpan-making experience has resulted in a collection of 5 unique handpans brands. Each brand has its own characteristics to meet a diverse range of needs, trends and levels of musical practice. Explore our handpans and find the model of your dreams.

- Spacedrum EVOLUTION handpan: the iconic Metal sounds handpan. The ideal sound for relaxation and meditation.

- Spacedrum INOX handpan: stainless steel handpan. The perfect compromise between the Evolution and Nitro models.

- Spacedrum NITRO handpan: a handpan made from nitrided steel for both beginners and experienced musicians and percussionists.

- Spacedrum MASTER PIECE handpan: top-of-the-range handpan with notes on the dome and on the bottom (mutant handpan).

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