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Learn the steedrum - Methods and Tutorials

The steel drum is a relatively easy instrument to play. It is quite possible to learn it even for people who have never played a musical instrument before. There are methods and tutorials that allow you to start playing the steel drum and progress by working on new melodies and playing techniques. Here we present a selection of steel drum methods in book format (with or without DVD) that you can order from the site and also some examples of videos for learning the steel drum.
Méthodes de steeldrum

3 Steelpan method


Metal Sounds offers a selection of three methods for learning the steel drum, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The books and DVDs offer a very comprehensive approach, despite being written in English. However, they are easy to understand and use. Opting for a paper-based steeldrum method has practical and lasting advantages in terms of support.

Method de seeldrum - Beginning Steel Drum -

Beginning Steel Drum

Steelpan method - Liam TEAGUE - Hal LEONARD -

Steelpan Method

Méthode de steel drum - Harry BEST - Pan steel drum made easy

Pan Steel Drums

Cours en ligne de handpan

Turotiel pour apprendre à jouer du handpan

3 Steelpan tutorials


Avant d’investir dans une méthode payante certains s’essayent aux tutoriels. Bonne solution pour les personnes qui cherchent des conseils et astuces pour apprendre le steeldrum sans engager de frais, les tutos ont de multiples avantages mais aussi leurs limites. Pour passer ensuite à un enseignement structuré et complet, les méthodes au format papier + DVD ou les cours en ligne restent un plus incontestable.

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