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The handpan is an intuitive instrument accessible to everyone, even those who have never played a musical instrument before. Although easy to grasp, finding melodies and mastering new playing techniques on your handpan quickly becomes a necessity after a few months of practice. In this case, who should you turn to or what method should you use to start off well and progress effectively on the handpan?

We propose that you discover here three different and complementary approaches to learning how to play the handpan according to each user's preferences and needs. Some are more relevant or comprehensive than others, but all have their interest and you will learn to play the handpan in a simple and fun way.

3 handpan methods

3 handpan methods


Handpan methods in BOOK + DVD format are very comprehensive. Written or recorded in English, they are easy to understand and use. The advantages of a paper-based handpan method are mainly the practicality and durability of the support. Metal Sounds has selected for you the 3 best methods suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced levels.

Cours en ligne de handpan

3 online handpan courses

3 online handpan courses


Online handpan courses are increasingly successful. Take Handpan lessons or courses on the internet allow students to access learning content anytime, anywhere. In addition to having access to additional resources such as videos, interactive exercises, discussion forums, etc., one can personalize their learning based on their own pace and needs.

Handpan Dojo- COurs de handpan en ligne

Handpan Dojo


Handpan Courses

Tutoriels de handpan

3 handpan tutorials

3 handpan tutorials


Before buying a paid learning method, some people try tutorials. Good solution for people who are looking for tips and tricks to learn the handpan without incurring costs, tutorials have many advantages but also their limits. To move on to a structured and complete teaching, the methods in paper format + DVD or the online courses remain an asset and an undeniable investment.

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