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The handpan is a percussion musical instrument made of metal, consisting of a series of notes arranged on a concave surface. It is highly versatile and can be used to play a variety of pieces, ranging from classical tunes to modern melodies.

Learning to play the handpan may seem challenging at first glance, but with the right tools and a little patience, you will quickly find your musical path! In this article, we will explain how to learn to play the handpan through sheet music, tutorials, or group lessons.

How to learn to play the handpan

Regardless of your experience with the handpan, there are always ways to improve your playing. Whether you are fortunate enough to own a handpan or not yet, you can find solutions to learn and refine your skills. Whether it's participating in workshops or classes, renting a handpan, or finding the right tutorials on YouTube, these tips should help boost your practice.

Don't hesitate to contact a manufacturer or join groups on social media to get more information about handpan-related events happening near you!

Learning to play the handpan may seem intimidating at first, but in reality, it is quite easy and quick when you know where to start and how to familiarize yourself with the instrument.

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Handpan methods and tutorials

The first option is to rely on methods with sheet music. These are typically offered by musicians and teachers and can be purchased online or at specialized stores. These methods come in the form of standard sheet music with handwritten notes or in the form of videos that include all the necessary information to learn to play the handpan.

The second possibility is to use video tutorials. Tutorials are particularly useful for learning to play the handpan because they not only provide clear explanations of techniques and principles but also show how to play the instrument correctly in real-time. Moreover, some tutorials offer the opportunity to connect live with the instructor for personalized advice.

Finally, the third and last method is through group or individual lessons with a qualified teacher. This approach is highly beneficial as it allows for effective learning of the handpan through guidance from a professional in person.

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Handpan lessons : Handpan Sundays

In Saint André de Sangonis, Metal Sounds' showroom is a space dedicated to presenting instruments and welcoming the public. It also offers handpan lessons on Sundays, led by Mélaine Cogez, also known as "Miloon."

During these lessons, participants have the opportunity to use 10 Spacedrum® Nitro handpans for free. Students receive a 10% discount on instruments and accessories offered by Metal Sounds, as well as a shortened manufacturing time and the option of payment in 10 interest-free monthly installments.

Furthermore, a trade-in offer is available to students for the purchase of a new Spacedrum handpan. These offers are designed to encourage and facilitate the practice of the handpan for all those who wish to share their passion and learn this unique instrument.

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