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How did the Metal Sounds project start?

Metal Sounds is the result of a meeting between Philippe Maignaut, a steeldrum maker in the Avignon region, and Djoliba, a music shop specialising in percussion instruments.

Between 2006 and 2011 their project consisted in creating and developing a handpan very different from the Hang®. Working on a more compact shape, innovative note arrangements - creation of the first mutant handpan (chromatic scale with 13 notes on the dome) - and new materials such as stainless steel, the protagonists propose with the Spacedrum®, a new handpan with a unique sound and design.

After 5 great years of collaboration around the creation and the development of the Spacedrum® handpan, it is quite naturally that Cédric Aimé and Marc Guilliou of the Djoliba company associated with Philippe Maignaut. Thus Metal Sounds was born in September 2011 to move from a partnership to a company dedicated to handpan manufacturing.

The first French handpan manufacturer was born, and at the same time the beginning of an exciting human adventure!

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