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Listen to steel tongue drum music - Zenko tongue drum videos


Discover the steel tongue drum through our selection of inspiring performances and collaborations. We have collected videos of talented artists who are exploiting the full potential of this unique percussive instrument. This page of steel tongue drum videos is a treasure trove for all music lovers. You will also have the opportunity to see some examples of tutorials dedicated to the Zenko the Tongue drum created by Conny Sommer and Metal Sounds. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the sounds and discover new perspectives on this fascinating instrument.

Use headphones or earphones for quality listening

Zenko Ionien joué par Walk off the Earth, Canada

Zenko Celtic mineur joué par Conny Sommer, Allemagne

Présentation du Zenko Ionien joué par Kalani, USA

Zenko & Spacedrum joués par Walk off the Earth, Canada

Zenko Harmony joué par Kabeção, Portugal

Zenko Pygmy joué par Conny Sommer, Allemagne

Zenko Pygmy joué par Maurizio Lampugnani, Italie

Zenko Equinox joué par Tjeerd van der Hulst, Pays-Bas

Présentation Zenko Harmony par Knock on Wood Ltd, Angleterre

Lachlan Hawkins, Australie

Lachlan Hawkins, Australie

Paolo Sterzi, Italie

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