Tenor, second, guitar, gello & bass steelpan

Are you looking for a quality steel drum or do you need an accessory for your instrument such as a protective bag or steel drum sticks? In our online steeldrum shop, discover our Tenor (soprano), Second, Guitar, Cello, Bass steeldrums, as well as our scratcher, stands, sticks, covers & hardcases.

Metal Sounds offers a complete line of steel drums directly imported from Trinidad & Tobago. Made by one of the best craftsmen on the island and tuned by a team of experienced tuners, our steeldrums are professional chrome plated models.

Philippe Maignaut and Marc Guilliou have personally visited Trinidad & Tobago to ensure that all the characteristics of sound quality and finish of the steeldrums correspond to the criteria of requirements that we wish to guarantee you. Feel free to contact us to be informed of the availability of our models.

Tenor, second, guitar, gello & bass steelpan


The single second pan is one single barrel, designed for marching band ("round the neck"). The classic version of this instrument is tuned in a chromatic range of 14 notes.
Tenor, second, guitar, gello & bass steelpan


The Six Bass is a steeldrum model with a deep bass sound. It is particularly useful for playing basslines and supporting melodies in a steelband thanks to its six notes tuned to a C Major scale. In a steelband, the "foundation" is usually entrusted to the Six Bass (18 notes on six full barrels).
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