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Six Bass + sticks - painted
Six Bass + sticks - painted
Six Bass + sticks - painted
Six Bass + sticks - painted
Six Bass + sticks - painted
Six Bass + sticks - painted


The Six Bass is a steeldrum model with a deep bass sound. It is particularly useful for playing basslines and supporting melodies in a steelband thanks to its six notes tuned to a C Major scale. In a steelband, the "foundation" is usually entrusted to the Six Bass (18 notes on six full barrels).



Single Bass with 5 notes, Tenor Bass on 4 barrels, the famous 6 basses or the monumental 9 basses, there are miscelleanous basses just like for the other steelpans. In a steelband the 6 basses is the most popular (18 notes on 6 complete barrels), helped at the octave by the Tenor bass with its 4 barrel and 2 octaves.

Metal Sounds offers a brand new series of imported Steeldrums, directly from Trinidad and Tobago. These instruments benefit from the extensive experience and exceptional expertise of Trinidian manufacturers and tuners. The construction, tuning, and even the finish are ensured by our supplier, considered one of the best on the island. The reliability of the instruments is guaranteed both in terms of tuning, which is checked upon arrival and, if necessary, corrected by the Metal Sounds team, and in terms of finishes with a high-quality paint.

Mallets included.

Stand not included.

Technical settings:

18 notes on 6 Barrels (3 per barrel): Bb1 to Eb3
Material: painted Steel
Diameter: 22,8 in
Tank depth: +/- 6 in
Skirt length: +/- 31.5 in

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