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Taking care of your handpan, steel drum, or tongue drum is essential to enjoy it for as long as possible. However, it's not always easy to know how to clean and protect your instrument, where to store it, and what to do if it becomes out of tune. In the "Maintaining My Metal Musical Instrument" category, we explain how to maintain and protect your metal percussion instrument and what steps to follow if it needs to be retuned.

Cleaning & protecting a handpan

It is crucial to take appropriate measures to maintain your handpan and prolong its lifespan while fully enjoying its sound. To do so, avoid contact with blunt or metallic objects, play gently, and do not expose your handpan to humid or salty environments. It is also important to ensure that the instrument is at room temperature before playing it and to protect and clean your handpan using oil or wax. By taking care of your handpan, you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

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Cleaning & protecting a tongue drum

To properly protect and maintain your steel tongue drum, remember to clean it regularly. Tongue drums are usually painted and do not need to be oiled or treated with alcohol, except for some specific models. Finally, store it carefully in a suitable case or box to avoid scratches and impacts, even if your tongue drum is made of stainless steel. If rust has already formed, remove it with a cloth soaked in alcohol or a rust remover. Following these instructions will allow you to play your tongue drum for several years and enjoy it to the fullest!

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Where to store my instrument

Properly storing your handpan, steel drum, or tongue drum is necessary to ensure the longevity and quality of your instrument. To do so, it is important to know the best practices and precautions to take. It is highly recommended not to place your instrument upside down. Avoid storing it in a damp case, keeping it in a closed and dark bag for a long time, or placing it too close to a heat source. On the contrary, it is recommended to store it in the open air in a dry place, hang it on a wall mount, or place it on a shelf.

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My instrument is out of tune

What should you do if your handpan, tongue drum, or steel drum no longer sounds right? If you notice that your metal percussion instrument is out of tune, the first step is to stop using it. If your instrument is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer to inquire about the necessary procedure. Otherwise, you can reach out to a specialized workshop that offers repair and retuning services, such as Metal Sounds, for example. Once you contact the manufacturer or workshop, you will receive a quote and a timeframe for the work after they receive your instrument. Sometimes, you may need to be patient and wait a few days or weeks for a professional to retune your instrument to restore its optimal sound. In any case, it is important to avoid retuning the instrument yourself as it could result in permanent damage.

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