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Playing tongue drum: Online courses & tutorials

The steel tongue drum is an intuitive musical instrument that is accessible to everyone, even to those who have never played a musical instrument before. The instrument is easy to learn and allows beginners to express themselves freely with improvised melodies.

However, with time and practice, it becomes necessary to work on other playing techniques and to explore new musical horizons. In this case, it may be useful to turn to effective learning methods. If you prefer to learn on your own by exploring different playing techniques, you can take online courses with experienced instructors, or immerse yourself in a learning environment via tutorials tailored to your needs.

Steel tongue drum online courses

Tongue drum online courses


Online courses to learn the steel tongue drum are still very rare. The Master The Handpan school has just opened a section dedicated to learning the Rav Vast tongue drum. These courses allow students to access the content easily and to customise the learning to their own pace and needs. Complete courses and several levels are offered.

Tutoriels de tongue drum

Steel tongue drum tutorials

3 tongue drum tutorials


YouTube tutorials are an alternative to books and online courses for learning to play the steel tongue drum for free. There are a few tutorials that offer advice and tips on how to start or progress. But they have their limits and in order to move on to a more structured and complete teaching, it will be relevant to turn to online or face to face lessons.

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