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Metal Sounds is a French company founded in 2011 by Philippe Maignaut and Djoliba, specializing in the manufacturing of handpans. Over the past 10 years, they have designed and crafted a unique and innovative instrument called the Spacedrum®, which features smaller shapes, notes, a distinct design, and above all, a unique sound.

Metal Sounds continues to promote the handpan culture, as well as tongue drums and steel drums, by offering classes and workshops for both beginners and experienced musicians. The store's showroom allows visitors to benefit from expert advice and explore the instruments manufactured by the workshop, which adhere to strict standards to ensure exceptional quality in each instrument.

In this article, we will explore how Metal Sounds came into existence, introduce its exceptional team, and provide an overview of its showroom.

Genesis of Metal sounds

Metal Sounds is a French company specializing in the manufacturing of handpans. It was founded by Philippe Maignaut, a steel drum artisan from the Avignon region, and Djoliba, a music store specializing in percussion instruments based in Toulouse.

In 2006, their objective was to create a unique instrument distinct from the Hang®. The result was the Spacedrum®, a handpan with a unique sound and design. As pioneers in France, they worked together for 5 years to design the Spacedrum Evolution, an innovative handpan with a specific note arrangement, a large diameter, and a compact shape, made from 12/10th of an inch thick stainless steel sheets.

Since its creation in 2011, Metal Sounds has continued to evolve with new and innovative products that are now available worldwide, such as the Zenko® steel tongue drums. The company now offers a wide variety of Spacedrum® handpan models, ranging from the compact 50cm handpan to more complex models like the Master Pieces designed for live performances.

All the products offered are handmade in France according to strict standards to ensure exceptional quality consistency in each instrument.

Metal Sounds also continues to promote the handpan culture by opening its workshop and showroom to the public, offering classes and workshops for both beginners and experienced musicians.

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The Metal Sounds team

Metal Sounds is a small family-owned company that was established in 2011 in the south of France. Our team consists of skilled craftsmen, experienced technicians, and marketing and communication specialists. Each member of the team shares a common passion for music and contributes to bringing our instruments to life by working together to deliver exceptional quality and an unforgettable experience to our customers.

Our goals are clear: to provide the best possible instrument to those who want to practice and to give professional musicians and amateurs alike the tools they need to create their own music. We firmly believe that every individual can express their music through our unique and innovative instruments, regardless of their technical level or musical style.

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