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The handpan, tongue drum, and steeldrum are metallic percussion instruments that have gained great popularity in recent years. The success of handpans and steel tongue drums stems from their "intuitive" nature. They allow for a form of musical improvisation based on instant creation and invite listeners on a sonic journey. These instruments offer a simple and direct access to the pleasure of playing, creating, and sharing music.

Discover today how to learn to play these instruments by exploring different ways of practicing them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there are accessible tutorials and specialized manuals, as well as personalized lessons, to help you progress. 

Learn to master the art of handpan, tongue drum, and steeldrum to create harmonious melodies and awaken your inner music!

Learn to play the handpan

The handpan, a harmonically vibrating instrument played with the hands, has experienced a skyrocketing success over the past 20 years! Regardless of your level of experience, there are numerous ways to begin or improve your handpan playing. Whether you use methods with sheet music, watch video tutorials, or participate in group or individual lessons with a qualified teacher, you can enhance your playing skills and enjoy all the benefits offered by Metal Sounds. Don't hesitate to explore these options and dive into the world of handpan!

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Learn to play the steel tongue drum

The steel tongue drum is a relatively new instrument played with mallets, allowing for intuitive melody creation. It offers diverse musical possibilities and can be approached by players of all skill levels. Different methods are available for learning the steel tongue drum, whether online or through practical workshops.

Metal Sounds and Conny Sommer have designed 11 educational booklets to facilitate access to this fascinating instrument. These manuals provide technical tools for improvisation or composing your own pieces, along with videos for each composition, enabling musicians to progressively improve their playing while staying motivated. The steel tongue drum is an excellent way to have fun while discovering music and unleashing your creativity!

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Learn to play the steel drum

The steelpan is an instrument that can be highly entertaining and rewarding to learn. It is accessible to everyone, regardless of your current level and goals. Its practice can be motivating as it offers a variety of sounds, ranging from gentle melodies to more dynamic rhythms. That's why the steeldrum is becoming increasingly popular among musicians worldwide.

Through tutorials, book+DVD methods, and lessons in music associations or schools, you will have the opportunity to rely on various educational resources to learn to play the steelpan.

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