How to use and maintain your instruments

Use and maintain your instruments

The Metal Sounds instruments are quite fragile and can go out of tune, despite they’re made out of steel. A hard play, shocks or temperature variations can be reasons for going out of tune. The metal is very thin and these instruments requires a particular attention when carrying them.

In a normal way of use we recommend a “routine” tuning every 2 years (for Spacedrums and steeldrums). Of course this is just an estimate period and each case is different regarding your practice.

We recommend to play softly. The use of sticks need a bit of practice to get the best sounds from your instrument.

As for any music instrument it’s better to avoid un-experimented players (who might hit too hardly on it), and, if possible, keep it away from humidity.

The 4th gen Spacedrum is made out of stainless steel. A wax pot is included with your Spacedrum for the maintenance. Use the wax 3 or 4 times per year, stretch it all over the Spacedrum’s surface (up and under, not inside). You can find some wax pot on our website.

Steeldrums are painted, so they don’t need a particular treatment too protect them agaisnt corrosion. Just keep it dry.