Handpan learning method

Handpan learning method

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Metal Sounds provide several teaching aids to help you learn and master the handpan. We have selected the best of these, allowing you to practice, perfect your technique, work on new rhythms and discover a world of new melodies.

The formats of handpan lessons and tutorials are varied and diverse, coming as books, DVDs and downloadable videos, so it's up to you how you wish to learn! Browse all resources below to find the ones that suit you best.

Note 1: The methods are designed for the note layout on the Spacedrum Nitro. For Spacedrum Evolution players with the "reversed note layout" will have to adapt accordingly.

Note 2: Some resources are in English.
Handpan lesson. Tutorials for hang drum. Handpan tuto for beginner. Practice handpan in video. Hangdrum & pantam method. Handpan game techniques

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