Contact pickup for handpan.

The X-JACK ISCHELL is a high quality contact microphone made in France. A very good contact microphone fo the most demanding musicians.

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The Ischell X-JACK deluxe contact microphone is perfectly suited for the handpan.

Manufactured and assembled in France, the X-Jack contact microphone allows a removable installation, has a 45 cm microphone cable, a Jack and XLR output simultaneously possible and works with phantom power or on 9v battery (500H) automatically. High levels on stage.

THEX-Jack is equipped with the new type of contact microphone developed by the brand ISCHELL in 2008, in order to reproduce with the greatest fidelity the acoustics of your instrument, the attack, the timbre, the woody color, your playing and your playing nuances, without the problems of feedback and the resumption of surrounding sounds (Repisse ). Our hybrid Air / Contact technology works without a filter between the membrane and your instrument's soundboard. We thus reproduce on a reduced and isolated scale an ultimate aerial sound recording, controlled by the immediate environment of our specific audio adhesive paste.

The sound is comparable to an aerial microphone, fidelity, warmth, width, air… With the acoustic insulation and the feedback resistance of a cell allowing high levels face / returns. You can easily use it in an amp, apply effects or make clean loops. A revolution in the amplification of many instruments on stage! An innovation ISCHELL !  

The X-Jack is easy to use, it can be fixed inside the handpan and stay in place (test it according to your model to find the right place), or be positioned outside on the dome or the back (reusable fixing paste). The system block can be attached to the bottom or to a stand.

NB: We strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to read the above downloadable instructions. Indeed, it is important to respect a few principles in order to benefit simply and quickly from these new systems.


- Contact microphone with 45cm cable, 2mm diameter
- Fixing the system in or on the instrument by scratch, adhesive paste ... Behind the tailpiece for double basses
- Operation on phantom power from 9v to 48v or on 9v battery (500 Hours)
- XLR internal low cut 3 positions: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
- Balanced XLR output
- Output Jack asymmetric
- White and gray audio adhesive paste provided
- System fixing scratch
- Online user manual
- Storage bag

The Ischell microphone is guaranteed for 2 years.

Knowledge made in France
Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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Personalized advice and customer services

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