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Pickup for handpan

More and more handpan players are using pickups with their instrument. A good handpan microphone makes it possible to record compositions in the studio, to amplify in the street or at a festival, to make recordings at home or to perform on stage. There are a wide range of static, dynamic, ribbon and contact pickups available. Dynamic, static and ribbon microphones are sold by the major retailers at unbeatable prices and are easy to find. Metal Sounds has therefore chosen to offer only contact pickups, with models from the Ensoul and Ischell brands of microphones. To learn more about handpan microphones we recommend the excellent blog article Masterthehandpan.

EnSoul Pickup Externe EnSoul Pickup Externe 2
Pickup for handpan


External handpan micro contact with magnetic jack holder. This passive magnetic handpan microphone is equipped with a 45 cm long cable and a jack plug directly integrated in a magnetic holder. It can be attached in no time at all to the handpan and/or its stand.
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