Spacedrum Evolution 8 notes + stand + mallets


Bundle with 1 handpan Spacedrum Evolution® 60 cm 8 notes + 1 stand + 1 pair of mallets. The ideal configuration to start with the handpan in complete freedom. Several ranges in 440 Hz or 432 Hz for meditation, relaxation, or music therapy.

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This Handpan Spacedrum Evolution® + stand + pair of chopsticks bundle makes it possible to purchase a complete set at a reduced price.

On a 60 cm diameter handpan the available ranges have mid and low registers. These are well adapted to the various practices of relaxation, sound therapy and music therapy. Indeed the low vibratory frequencies favour the relaxation of the body, letting it go. For those who wish it, it is possible to choose a handpan tuned in 432 Hz when ordering.

The stand allows a great freedom of play especially as the Spacedrum 60 cm is quite imposing. On stand the handpan will resonate fully, the vibrations are not "muffled" in contact with the musician's body.

The sticks offer an interesting alternative in terms of sound since the impact of the rubber pads on the metal can hardly be heard. The player thus obtains a pure note which triggers very easily. Sticks can also make playing easier for people who have difficulty with fingering techniques.

Bundle details:

- 1 x Spacedrum Evolution® 60 cm with 8 notes (7 notes + Ding).

--> 1 Reinforced cover + 1 jar of natural wax are included with the Spacedrum.

Maintenance : Remember to wipe your instrument after each use with a soft cloth. We also advise a wax application on the whole external surface of the instrument (top and bottom) about once a month with a microfiber cloth and then a polishing with a second dry cloth.

AVAILABILITY: Delivery time about 3 months (instrument made to order).

- 1 x standard handpan stand

Dismountable and adjustable stand (in height) for various handpans. This stand is intended for play in a sitting position.

Weight : 3,6 Kg

Height (min / max) : 50 / 60 cm

- 1 x pair of mallets for handpan

The Spacedrum like the other handpans can be played by hand or with adapted sticks. The technique of playing with sticks is radically different and so are the sensations that come from it.
N.B: Attention, the metal being sensitive to shocks it is important to play with softness.

Rough wooden trunnion and latex pad (tip).

Length: 5,12"
Trunnion diameter: 0,47"
Latex buffer diameter (mounted): 0,79"
Weight (pair): 25g

Spacedrum Manual

Presentation booklet of the handpans Spacedrum. Game instructions with the note patterns, care instructions and warranties.

Download (1.78M)

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  • Ivan M.
    Published 01/08/2020 à 23:23 (Order date: 20/05/2020)

    Merveilleux instrument, je trouve ses qualités sonores étonnantes, envoûtantes et son esthétique magnifique. Pas encore utilisé le stand: je le place sur mes jambes et ressens pleinement la puissance des vibrations dans tout le corps. Très belle rencontre avec cet instrument et très très heureux de cet acquisition.

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