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Zenko 9 notes - EQUINOX

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Zenko 9 notes, Equinox scale G3 B C4 D E F# G B D5, support ring, deluxe bag and pair of sticks included. Stainless steel. AVAILABILITY 4 TO 15 DAYS.

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Equinox impro mallets

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- Scale (hands)

- Scale (mallets)

- Impro (mallets)

Zenko is a tongue drum (also called tank drum or hank drum) designed and created by Metal Sounds. This metal-made melodic percussion is the result of a long research & development program leaded by the Metal Sounds' team, in collaboration with scientists and experts of the metal industry. All has been studied: the raw-material (stainless steel), the blades cutting, the assembling, the finish... And the result is up to it!

The Zenko spreads its sounds like smooth and soft waves. Its high harmonics content comes from a perfect tuning that is also reliable along the years. It will produce some differents sounds depending on the kind of play: by hands or with the sticks (included).

The Equinox scale is a G major original scale. A G3 in the center will give a deep bass that will be used as a pivot. This scale is particular, including a minor mood in the Keys of B and E, so it's very versatile and can be used in any creative composition and/or jam session. For "open minded" artists!

The Zenko can also be played in a standing position, on a collapsable and adjustable stand specifically designed for it. An essential accessory to increase your mobility with your Zenko.


- weight 2.8 Kg (6.17 Lbs)

- diameter 32 cm (12.6")

- height 13 cm (5.12")

- 9 notes: G3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 B4 D5

- Deluxe bag included

- Support ring included

- Pair of sticks included

- Stand not included. See http://metalsounds.fr/en/zenko/113-stand-collapsable-for-zenko.html

Special conditions for resellers and official structures, contact us

Zenko notice

Presentation booklet of the steel tongue drum Zenko. Game instructions with the note patterns, care instructions and warranties.

Download (1.7M)

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Based on 4 reviews

  • Rebecca Y.
    Published 04/01/2019 à 13:08 (Order date: 20/12/2018)


  • Kevin L.
    Published 07/12/2018 à 20:21 (Order date: 07/10/2018)

    Très bon produit, le son est extraordinaire.

  • Christine T.
    Published 05/12/2018 à 21:02 (Order date: 13/11/2018)

    je ne suis pas assez qualifiée musicalement, c'est un cadeau à venir. Tout y était, bonne qualité de la housse, très bon agencement pour les baguettes, le support...

    Published 08/06/2015 à 18:50 (Order date: 03/06/2015)

    Un son d'une pureté éblouissante, et un vrai bonheur de jouer sur ce très bel instrument. Merci à toute l'équipe de Metal sounds pour leurs réponses à mes questions (réponse par mail hyper rapide), leur disponibilité, la livraison rapide et la qualité parfaite de ce Zenko Equinox dont je suis véritablement tombée amoureuse !

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Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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