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Technical settings 9 notes Nitro Spacedrum handpan

Spacedrum Nitro + Stand + Master the Handpan courses


Bundle: Handpan Spacedrum Nitro® 9 notes (8+1) + Stand + "Essentials" MastertheHandpan courses

With this bundle Spacedrum Nitro® + courses "Essentials", don't wait to get into the handpan practice! A customized offer that gives you a FREE and UNLIMITED access to 65 lessons (videos) from the "Essentials" program of David Charrier.

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1/ MUSICAL INSTRUMENT => 1 Spacedrum Nitro® 9 notes (8+1)

Spacedrum Nitro® is a high range handpan with a warm and round sound. With its diameter of 55 cm, the 8 notes + 1 Ding model is a classic Spacedrum made in nitrided steel. It is suitable for all types of players, beginners to advanced musicians. It's a reliable and accurate handpan, very easy and pleasant to use, both in terms of touch and ergonomics of play.

It's the perfect handpan for studio and/or live recordings.

Tunings (see scrolling menu):

Amara Dm --> D3 / A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5

Celtic Dm --> D3 / A3 Bb3 D4 E4 F4  G4 A4 D5

Equinox Fm --> F3 / Ab3 C4 Db4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5

Sonoro Dm --> D3 / A3 Bb3 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 D5

D Kurd Dm --> D3 / A3 Bb3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4

E Integral Em --> E3 / B3 C4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 A4 B4

Pitch (see scrolling menu): A440 Hz or A432 Hz

- 1 Deluxe bag, reinforced Cordura® nylon and fiber plate that protect the tone fields
- 1 bottle of lubricant "DELUXE OIL" 50 ml
- 1 bottle of lubricant "DRY TOUCH" 50 ml

Delivery time around 3/4 weeks (musical instrument made to order, handcrafted on our workshops)

2/ STAND => 1 multi position stand for handpan

The Metal Sounds multi-position stand is hyper-modular! Designed for standing playing, it also allows you to play sitting down and to orientate the handpan very freely.

Light and stable, removable and adjustable, this stand is perfectly adapted to handpans with bottom notes. On stage, in the studio or at home, it will meet the expectations of the most demanding musicians.

3 possible playing positions - Adjustable height from 25 cm (playing on the floor) to 150 cm (standing)

Weight : 4 Kg

3/ "ESSENTIALS" => online lessons for Beginnes from MastertheHandpan website

MasterTheHandpan is an online school that teaches beginners and confirmed musicians, over 4000 players from all around the world are already registered. "ESSENTIALS" is specifically a method for beginners. It's easy and fun, and thanks to these courses you will improve your playing technics beyond your expectations!

UNLIMITED access to the lessons (lifetime).
(compatible with all computers, tablets and smartphones. Streaming only, no download)

Teacher: David CHARRIER

The program:

- Get access to more than 65 tutorial videos: progressive lessons, an effective path that moves you forward step by step.
- An innovative and fun writing system: for more efficiency and to make the exercices easy to remind, David designed a very intuitive system to memorize patterns/grooves/rhythms
- An immersive point of view: tutorials are filmed from the top, so you can easily follow the movements of David's hands and reproduce his technics and tricks.
- Compatible with your handpan: no matter the number of notes or the tuning of your handpan, you just have to repeat the exercices to make your own music.


- PDF file with all the scores and exercices from the course.
- Digital album "Keona" from David Charrier (download, value 10 euros)
- Share your experience with the community by joining the private Facebook group and becoming a member of the handpan family!

Spacedrum Manual

Presentation booklet of the handpans Spacedrum. Game instructions with the note patterns, care instructions and warranties.

Download (1.78M)

Handpan stand instructions

Multi-position handpan stand assembly instructions

Download (182.58k)

Technical settings 9 notes Nitro Spacedrum handpan

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