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Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil
Oil for Handpan - Deluxe Oil


Handpan and steel tongue drum care kit.

Deluxe Oil spray was made for maintenance and protection of handpan, pantam and steel tongue drum.

For a perfect care of your instrument this kit contains:

- 1 bottle of high quality natural fluid oil (100ml / 3,38 Oz)
- 2 extra soft microfibre cloths

€21.25 -€3.00



Deluxe Oil was specially designed to maintain and protect handpans and tongue drums like Rav Vast against rust.

Due to the natural and sustainable ingredients Deluxe Oil ensures an antibacterial effect, cleans the surface, forms a protective corrosion protection layer and makes your handpan shine again.

This oil is used daily by Metal Sounds in its workshops to protect instruments. It does not contain any aggressive or dangerous substances, it is without risk for health and skin.

Just a few sprays carefully and uniform distributed on the instrument will be sufficient to clean & protect it with a long lasting effect. If you practice regularly and are in a humid environment, we advise you to apply this oil once a week with a soft cloth and only dedicated for this purpose. If you play from time to time and your instrument is stored dry, one or two applications per month will be sufficient. Spread Deluxe Oil evenly in a circular motion only outside the handpan (dome and bottom). Allow the steel to fully absorb the liquid and dry well before playing. Wash your hands to avoid marking your instrument.

Deluxe Oil:

  • Nitrided steels, heat-treated steels and stainless steels
  • Spray contenance is 3,38 Oz (100ml)
  • Orange scent
  • Eco-friendly and earth friendly
  • Skin compatible (do not drink)

Microfibre cloths:

  • 1 x extra soft microfibre cloth for oil application
  • 1 x extra soft microfibre cloth for daily maintenance
  • Both cloths are safe on delicate, highly polished surfaces.
  • Size: 12" x 16"

Advice: Every 3 months or so, clean the instrument with alcohol before reapplying the oil.

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    Très bon produit

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