Reduced price! Spacedrum Nitro 9 notes - AMARA Dm Expand

Spacedrum Nitro + Ravid Goldschmidt's notebooks


Pack Spacedrum Nitro® 9 notes (8+1) + Ravid Goldschmidt's method

Learning the handpan with a Spacedrum Nitro and Ravid Goldschmidt's "Manual & Music" method (complete set of 8 booklets) becomes child's play.
A safe pack ideal for beginners and quick progress at a preferential rate.

60 € immediate discount!

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1/ INSTRUMENT: Handpan Spacedrum Nitro® 9 NOTES (8 notes + Ding)

High-end handpan entirely made in France in Metal Sounds workshops. The grade of steel, the thickness of the sheets and the type of nitriding applied to the metal hulls give the Spacedrum Nitro a unique identity.

With 8 notes + 1 Ding this model is suitable for all types of players, beginners and advanced. It is a reliable and precise musical instrument, very pleasant to use, both in terms of touch and playing ergonomics. The range of its register goes from D3 to F5 according to the proposed scales.

Scales (drop-down menu 1): Amara DmCeltic DmEquinox F / Sonoro Dm / D Kurd / E Integral

Pitches (drop-down menu 2): 440 Hz or 432 Hz

Included in the Pack:
- 1 ergonomic reinforced nylon cordura cover with a flexible fibre disc to protect the notes.
- 1 bottle of "DELUXE OIL" lubricant - 50 ml
- 1 bottle of "DRY TOUCH" lubricant - 50 ml

Delivery time around 3/4 weeks (instrument manufactured in our workshop following your order).


Ravid Goldschmidt is one of the first musicians to play handpan. He moved to Switzerland to stay with the Hang creators and he could then learn about the way to build a hang andthe tuning technics.

Since then, Ravid devotes himself to performing in concerts, writing music for films, soundtracks and organizing workshops around the world. He has created a simple and user-friendly method that comes in eight booklets.

With this method there is no need of musical background !

The notebooks are related to the number of beats (or measures).
So all the exercises of the notebook number 2 will be with 2 beats
those of notebook number 3 will be with 3 beats,
those of notebook number 4 will be with 4 beats, etc... 

The idea of these 8 notebooks is to help you understand better the Handpan and to improve your skills so you could master the instrument. It is recommended to study it bit by bit and take the time. Some exercise are very easy and fun and others could be very difficult.

It is about understanding the essence of the HandPan which makes it so special and different than other musical instrument!

  • Format: DIN A4
  • 180 Pages (all notebooks included)
  • In English

Knowledge made in France
Knowledge made in France
Creator of unique instruments
Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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Personalized advice and customer services

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