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Metal Sounds is a high-end percussion musical instrument manufacturer specializing in handpans, steel tongue drums, and steeldrums. As artisan craftsmen, we offer our customers quality instruments with a warranty, designed with passion. The delivery times are as short as possible based on our current order backlog. The right choice of instruments depends on your skill level, needs, and preferences.
We also offer factory tours and the opportunity to test the instruments in our 2 showrooms. Additionally, Metal Sounds provides a simple, fast, and secure way to pay for your instruments, as well as after-sales services for the maintenance and repair of your percussion instruments.
We also offer the option of customizing a handpan or steel tongue drum so that you can create your own personalized instrument.

Metal Sounds musical instruments F.A.Q.

Metal Sounds is a high-end metal musical instrument brand specializing in handpans, steeldrums, and steel tongue drums. It offers instruments that can be delivered in the shortest possible time and come with a comprehensive warranty. The most suitable choice will depend on the player's skill level and personal preferences. The prices displayed include VAT, and the VAT (20% savings) is deducted for international purchases and deliveries. Furthermore, a showroom is available in each manufacturing workshop for testing and listening to the instruments.

Metal Sounds' handpans are known under the brand Spacedrum®. We offer several models of handpans with different specifications. The Spacedrum Evolution is a large-sized stainless steel handpan with a unique sound, the Spacedrum Nitro is a nitrated steel handpan, and the Spacedrum Ember is a stainless steel handpan, both dedicated to percussionists. There is also the Spacedrum Travel, a compact handpan ideal for young players or for traveling. Metal Sounds also manufactures steel tongues drums under the Zenko® brand.

An FAQ (frequently asked questions) to answer the main questions about Metal Sounds instruments is available below.

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Waiting time for handpan, steel tongue drum, steelpan

Metal Sounds offers a wide range of handpans, tongue drums, and steeldrums with varying waiting times. Handpans are handmade to order and require several days for manufacturing.
The Zenko's availability is generally immediate. Steeldrums are imported from Trinidad and Tobago, and the replenishment times are long and unpredictable, so we recommend contacting us for more information.
When your instrument is ready, we ship it to the address you provided in your order. A tracking number is provided so that you can track the package in real time until its final delivery.

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Secure payment & Import

The prices displayed are inclusive of all taxes (TTC) at the time of payment. Customs taxes and import duties in the destination country will be your responsibility.
Metal Sounds provides a simple, fast, and secure way to pay for your musical instruments and accessories. You can choose between credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay, bank transfer, check, or installment payments up to 4 times with a credit card at no extra cost.
Metal Sounds uses PAYPLUG, a recognised secure online payment server, to process online transactions. For deliveries to EU member states, the price is inclusive of all taxes. However, if your parcel is to be delivered to a country outside the EU or to French overseas departments and territories, the price will be exclusive of tax but you will have to pay local customs duties and taxes. The customs code applicable to instruments and accessories is 920600.
Shop with confidence at Metal Sounds!

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Metal Sounds After-Sale support & maintenance

Metal Sounds offers various services tailored to maintain your percussion instruments. We have 2 workshops in France that provide efficient after-sales service, as well as repairs and tuning for handpans, steel tongue drums, and steeldrums. A study and a quote are provided before working on your instrument.
The turnaround time for service is typically 3 weeks for after-sales service and 4 weeks for repairs or tuning, starting from the receipt of your instrument. If you are shipping from outside the European Union, it is important to declare the contents of the package as "Return of Goods" (for after-sales service) with no value, to avoid customs taxes. It is essential to have Metal Sounds' prior approval indicating the shipping address before sending the package.
Metal Sounds is a renowned artisanal company that offers professional services to maintain metal melodic percussion instruments in good condition. Our after-sales service is fast and efficient in handling handpans, tongue drums, and steeldrums for repair or tuning.

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Customization of handpans & tongue drums

Handpans and steel tongue drums are very personal musical instruments that can now be fully customized to suit your needs. You can request a custom range with specific notes or laser engraving to make your instrument truly unique in the world.
Our team carefully examines each request to verify the relevance and technical feasibility of the requested scales based on the number of notes and desired range. Custom instrument production takes time and is generally more expensive than standard instruments. Constraints related to laser engraving must also be taken into account to ensure high-quality work.

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