Custom Scales and engravings

Custom Scales / Customized Instruments

We often receive special requests for customized instruments with particular scales or engravings. At first we study each request in order to validate (or not) the feasibility of the customisation.

For special scales on our handpans you must clarifiy on wich spacedrum model you want for (Evolution or Nitro).
Then we will study the most appropriate choice for your instrument. That depends on the number of notes and the layout possibilities. Please, think hard about your custom scale before asking for a study, that will avoid a waste of time.

Concerning the spacedrums, the lowest note of a custom scale can be a B2 (Si2) and the highest note can be a D5 (Ré5). If we have to tune bass notes (F4 and lower) the Spacedrum’s diameter will be 23.9 in (60 cm – the largest size) for an 8 notes scale.

The making process of a custom Spacedrum is different from our usual process, that’s why these instruments are more expensive than the “regular” models.

For laser engravings on Handpan or Steel tongue drum, constraints also sometimes limit the range of possibilities. The materials, the area to be engraved, the size of the engraving ... must be well analyzed to produce quality work.

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