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All you must know to get and play a Metal Sounds instrument!

What is the waiting period to get an instrument?

- SPACEDRUM: The estimate timeframe is 4 weeks (see the « waiting period » section). We deal with orders one after the other, without any exception because we want to be fair with everyone and we always keep in mind that the most important thing is to make the best instrument as possible, That is why we need some time and concentration.

- ZENKO: Zenko are generally available right away and we ship them out a couple of days after an order is placed. A delay may occur from time to time but it won’t take more than 2 weeks before you’ll play your Zenko!

- STEELDRUMS: That depends on our stock. Contact us!

Is there any warranty?

All our instruments are tested before shipping. It belongs to each person to check the tuning and the surface of his/her instrument as soon as he/she receives it. After 48h (since the delivery) any making default claiming will be rejected. However our instruments, made of stainless steel, are under a lifetime warranty concerning the corrosion risk.

I’m a beginner, what model should I go for?

We recommend to start playing on a 6, 8 or 9 notes Spacedrum. All the tunings are easy-to-play and there’s no easier one than another. However, we do not advise to go for the 13-notes chromatic Spacedrum Evolution which is far more complicated to play.

Same thing for the Zenko: all the tunings are very intuitive. We also offer a PACK, with Zenko IONIAN and Zenko COMBO, that will make happy all those who want to enlarge their playing possibilities to a full CHROMATIC range.

The most popular steel drum to begin with is the TENOR model. Once you will know how to play this one, you’ll have a serious advantage to learn how to play the other models.

Why prices are indicated including and excluding VAT (taxes)?

Regarding the place where the order must be delivered the prices are calculated including taxes (for France and European Union Countries) or not (every foreign countries that are not located in the European Union). For the non-European customers some customs taxes can be applied on the delivery (importation fees, according to each customs settlement).

What can I do if my instrument goes out of tune?

In a normal way of use a Spacedrum or a Steeldrum have to be retuned every 2 years. That’s a routine operation. If your instrument has gone out of tune after a shock or a drop it’s necessary to retune it as soon as possible to avoid a “chain reaction” and see the other notes going out of tune too. We offer an after sale service (see “after sale service” section).

Can I tune my handpan or my steelpan myself?

No! The metal tuning by hammering is an Art that comes along years of practice. Those who try to tune themselves their handpan or steelpan take the risk to make the situation worse than it use to be.

The Zenko is not likely to detuned. But in case you have a problem with your Zenko, contact our team for assistance.

Is it possible to visit your workshop?

Yes it is possible to come and visit us at the workshop of Saint André de Sangonis (34725). You will have the opportunity to try the instruments displayed in the showroom and talk with our team. Visits are by appointment only. So, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment and we will be happy to welcome you over a cup of coffee or tea.

Where can I try one of your instruments?

Excepted in our workshop’s showroom located by Montpellier, you will find many various Spacedrum and Zenko at Djoliba Music store (Toulouse) or at Woodbrass music store (Paris) for example. Our instruments are actually available in many stores all around the world. There must be one nearby you! Check out the official Metal Sounds musical instruments dealers map.

What are the differences between each 5 Spacedrum generations ?

Since october 2009, release of the first gen, the Spacedrums have always improved. The 1st gen instrument were completly hammered by hand and the diameter was only 48 cm for a 8-notes scale.

In october 2010 came the 2nd gen (V2 for Version 2): new shape, new making process and improvement of the surface treatment.

The 3rd gen of Spacedrum exists since february 2012 and includes the new surface treatment process (patina).

In july 2012 we finally decided to use stainless steel to build our Spacedrum Evolution, that was the 4th gen and it has been a worldwide success.

Then, in october 2018 we released the 5th gen of Spacedrum Evolution, with a new design, polished dimples and a « Ding » on the central tonefield. We’re always improving our instruments quality and cosmetic, that is why each generation of Spacedrum has brought us a lot of experience.

Spacedrum EVOLUTION® or Spacedrum NITRO® ? Which one should I choose?

There are many differences between these two lines, mainly due to the material we use for each one, but also in function of the heat treatment, the way we put the two parts (dome and bottm) together, the size and the look. Anyway, it’s important to figure out what would be the best Spacedrum for you according to your musical practice.

Spacedrum EVOLUTION®, in stainless steel, is a powerful and rich sounding handpan. It’s a very sensitive instrument, with a lot of overtones and long sustain, that will suits specifically to self improvement and well beeing practices, like relaxation or music-therapy for instance.

Spacedrum NITRO® is more like a percussive handpan, close to the orginal Hang® sound and playing technics. It gives a soft, round and sanded sound, with a short sustain that allows a fast play. You may hit it a bit harder than its stainless steel brother and you will discover a full universe of sounds and technical tricks. This line is the globe trotters’ favorit.

How must I call these new instruments?

The Spacedrums belongs to a new music instruments family. They are idiophonic instruments, could be called “melodic percussions on hammered metal” or “harmonic drums on steel”. So a new word has been invented by Kyle Cox (Pantheon Steel® creator and Halo® maker): “Handpan”. This word is an analogy with “Steelpan” (other word for steeldrum). It’s basically a PAN than can be played by HAND ans it’s actually the very first metal music instrument made to be plaued with the hands! In Israël (where is built the famous Yishama®) or in Russia (home of the SPB®) people call it PANTAM which refers to a TAMBOR that looks like a PAN. 

What are the differences with the PanArt Hang®, and with the other handpans?

PanArt has opened the handpan way in 1999 by creating the “Hang®” (“hand” in swiss dialect). There are now hundreds of handpans makers worldwide. Every makers, like any luthier, brings its personnal touch to its instruments even though most of them are using the same shells.

The Spacedrum's shells have been selected with care by our team regarding accurate criterias that give a specific sounding identity and a proper design. Depending on our handpans models, the materials that are used, the shape and the shells thickness (dome and bottom), the "Ding" (central tone field), the dimples in the center of each tone field, and also the surface treatment and the finishing, there are many differences between the Spacedrum and other handpans.

Spacedrum EVOLUTION® is designed to offer a full rich and powerful sound, with a lot of overtones and a long sustain. Moreover, the Spacedrum EVOLUTION® is the only handpan in the world to offer a complete chromatic range and 3 different sizes. The

Spacedrum NITRO® on the contrary has a soft, warm and round sound with a moderate sustain. It is also a handpan with powerful acoustics but with a very low saturation level.

What is the handpan or steel tongue drum maintenance advices?

See the “Use and maintenance” part. You can also download the notice (on each Spacedrums or Zenko model webpage).

For any other request, you can contact us via our contact form, or on +33 (0)5 34 27 20 10

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Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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Personalized advice and customer services

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