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All you must know to get and play a Metal Sounds instrument!

What is the waiting period to get an instrument ? (Spacedrum or Steeldrum)

The waiting period is estimated to several months (see "waiting period" section in the header menu). Each order is treated one after the other, we wan to be fair with everybody so it’s not possible to reduce the announced waiting time. We do our best to reduce your wait but our first concern is the quality of our instruments, so be patient.

Is there any warranty ?

All our instruments are tested before shipping. It belongs to each person to check the tuning and the surface of his/her instrument as soon as he/she receives it. After 48h (since the delivery) any making default claiming will be rejected. However our instruments, made of stainless steel, are under a lifetime warranty concerning the corrosion risk.

I’m a beginner, what model should I go for ?

Concerning the Spacedrums the 6, 8 and 9 notes models are the most adapted for an easy play. Concerning the Steeldrums, beginners can go for a Tenor Steelpan (soprano) that is the master steeldrum.

Why prices are indicated including and excluding VAT (taxes) ?

Regarding the place where the order must be delivered the prices are calculated including taxes (for France and European Union Countries) or not (every foreign countries that are not located in the European Union). For the non-European customers some customs taxes can be applied on the delivery (importation fees, according to each customs settlement).

What can I do if my instrument goes out of tune ?

In a normal way of use a Spacedrum or a Steeldrum have to be retuned every 2 years. That’s a routine operation. If your instrument has gone out of tune after a shock or a drop it’s necessary to retune it as soon as possible to avoid a “chain reaction” and see the other notes going out of tune too. We offer an after sale service (see “after sale service” section).

Can I tune my handpan or my steelpan myself ?

No! The metal tuning by hammering is an Art that comes along years of practice. Those who try to tune themselves their handpan or steelpan take the risk to make the situation worse than it use to be.

The Zenko is not likely to detuned. But in case you have a problem with your Zenko, contact our team for assistance.

Is it possible to visit your workshop ?

Yes we accept visitors and it's possible to try our instruments. But be informed that our work needs a lot of focus and availability. So you have to contact us before coming and we'll give you a meeting date.

Where can I try one of your instruments ?

Excepted in our workshop, you will find several demonstration Spacedrums in the Djoliba music store of Toulouse, or in the Woodbrass music store of Paris for example. You can see them, touch them, play them. By the way we have a partnership with two music shops in Europe : Musik Müller in Bern (Switzerland) and Gandharva Loka (Austria, Ireland and Canada). You can also find our instruments in their shops. Concerning the Steeldrums it’s generally difficult to see them before placing an order. You still can try to call the Djoliba music Store!

What are the differences between each 4 Spacedrum generations ?

Since october 2009, release of the first gen, the Spacedrums have always improved. The 1st gen instrument were completly hammered by hand and the sizes were smaller (8 notes on 48 cm diameter). In october 2012 comes the 2nd gen (V2 for Version 2): new shape, new making process and improvement of the surface treatment. The 3rd gen of Spacedrum exists since february 2012 and includes the new surface treatment process (patina). Finally, thanks to a successful partnership with a French EngineerIng school (Ecole des Mines), we change our material in august 2012 to go for a stainless steel alloy. The 4th generation, called Spacedrum EVOLUTION, is now definitly "rustproof"! In a general way each new version brings new improvements, results of a non-stop research & developement work.

How must I call these new instruments ?

The Spacedrums belongs to a new music instruments family. They are idiophonic instruments, could be called “melodic percussions on hammered metal” or “harmonic drums on steel”. So a new word has been invented by Kyle Cox (Pantheon Steel creator and Halo© maker): “Handpan”. This word is an analogy with “Steelpan” (other word for steeldrum). It’s actually the very first metal music instrument that can be played with the hands!

What are the differences with the PanArt Hang©, and with the other handpans ?

PanArt has opened the handpan way in 1999 by creating the “Hang©” (“hand” in swiss dialect). There are less than 10 handpans makers all over the world, most of them are steeldrums makers. Each maker brings its own personnal touch and each instrument is unique. The Spacedrum owes a lot to the Hang© and is proud to assume this filiation, but it also has a lot of particular features. Its shape, no “Ding” (sort of half-sphere on the top), the material that are use for the making, the surface treatment, all this points are different from any other handpans. Moreover the Spacedrum is the only handpan in the world to propose a 6 notes scale and a Chromatic scale (13 notes).

What is the Spacedrum’s maintenance ?

See the “Use and maintenance” part. You can also download the notice (on each Spacedrums or Zenko model webpage).

For any other request, you can contact us via our contact form, or on +33 (0) 9 50 04 72 06

Knowledge made in France
Knowledge made in France
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Creator of unique instruments
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Artisanal production for optimum quality
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Personalized advice and customer services

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