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The Metal Sounds multi-position stand is highly modular! Intended for standing play, it also allows you to play sitting down and to orientate the handpan or steel tongue drum very freely.

Light and stable, removable and adjustable, this stand is perfectly adapted to the stage and its thin natural rubber heads are very well suited for handpan with bottom notes.

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The Metal Sounds multi-position stand is highly modular!

Its adjustable tripod has a wide floor stand, it is stable and does not vibrate. A safety pin locks the central column. Rather light for this kind of stand, it is completely removable and comes in a carrying case.

Mainly intended for standing play, you can also play sitting when the stand is in the maximum low position. It can be used for any type of handpan and is also suitable for steel tongue drums such as the Rav Vast or the Zenko with its 30 cm diameter.

The aluminium tubes with natural rubber heads facilitate ergonomic playing for handpans with bottom notes. Indeed, the adjustment system and the fineness of the tubes allow to position the 3 contact points on the bottom between the notes, or even around the vent (Gu). The musician can thus access the notes on the bottom of the instrument without any problem.

The Metal Sounds multi-position stand also allows the instrument to be rotated on itself by slightly loosening the central head screw. The inclination of the instrument can be up to 30° depending on the chosen setting.

Details :

- Adjustable (height / width / inclination / rotation) - see detail pictures

- Foldable and dismountable

- Natural rubber head: does not scratch the metal and ensures a good grip.

- Stand delivered in a soft bag.

- Weight: 4 Kg

Handpan stand instructions

Multi-position handpan stand assembly instructions

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Reviews about this product

Based on 11 reviews

  • Laurent D.
    Published 02/06/2021 à 20:42 (Order date: 21/05/2021)

    article génial, parfait pour mon handpan qui est désormais en sécurité sur son stand, matériaux abouti !

  • Nicolas V.
    Published 27/05/2021 à 10:04 (Order date: 18/05/2021)

    Très bon stand, les multi réglages sont superbes. et la possibilité de changer facilement de config est top. Et vient avec un sac de bonne facture, bien ! Deux reproches cependant : 1. Pas facile à ranger/plier, il faut littéralement tout démonter. et 2. Les supports en caoutchouc fatiguent assez vite. Après une semaine d'utilisation avec du jeu quotidien, les supports sont applatis et la tige rouge métallique même est atteinte. Le matériel devrait être revu à ce niveau. Mais je chipote hein !

  • Antonia G.
    Published 04/05/2021 à 12:55 (Order date: 26/04/2021)

    The Handpan stand is very usefull and as described, it works in three different positions. I love it.

  • Guillaume B.
    Published 30/12/2020 à 11:01 (Order date: 22/12/2020)

    TOP! Stand de très bonne qualité il est vraiment très bien. Il permet de jouer du handpan debout, assis, ou meme assis au sol.

  • Philippe D.
    Published 29/12/2020 à 17:16 (Order date: 22/12/2020)

    parfait 3 positions tres bien adaptable

  • Rolf D.
    Published 03/12/2020 à 21:37 (Order date: 17/11/2020)

    perfect tool

  • Cedric D.
    Published 16/11/2020 à 11:43 (Order date: 09/11/2020)

    Très bon produit et avec différents réglages qui permet de l’adapter sur différent modèles et positions.

  • Clement R.
    Published 22/07/2020 à 18:48 (Order date: 03/06/2020)

    Très bien !

  • Cemental G.
    Published 23/04/2020 à 16:52 (Order date: 19/02/2020)

    An absolutely beautiful sound that fills my soul with joy at 432hz

  • Ron M.
    Published 19/03/2020 à 12:37 (Order date: 09/03/2020)

    absolutely fantastic. great design, great quality. can't say enough good about it.

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