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EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe
EnSoul Pickup Externe


External handpan micro contact with magnetic jack holder. This passive magnetic handpan microphone is equipped with a 45 cm long cable and a jack plug directly integrated in a magnetic holder. It can be attached in no time at all to the handpan and/or its stand.




The EnSoul Pan Pickup is specifically designed to amplify any steel or pan drum (handpan, steel tongue drums, steelpan) and produce pure, non-distorted tones. Easy to magnetically attach to the outside of your drum, the EnSoul Pan Pickup is passively powered, plug your amp or effects board into the 1/4-inch female jack. Simply place to play! Padded carrying case included to ensure your EnSoul Pan Pickup arrives at the next gig or practice safely. Includes the magnetic jack mount for easy setup.

NOTE: If your pan is an alloy, or non-magnetic: Make sure you use a Jack Mount (PPEXMT). Then place the pickup on the outside of the shell and the mount directly opposite of the pickup on the inside. They will attract each other and should hold fast to your drum.


- The microphone picks up the sound of the handpan in a fairly balanced way over the whole instrument, including subtleties such as shoulder tones.

- Allows the sound to be picked up in a noisy environment. Ideal for the street, in concert with friends, etc...

- Another positive point, the capture of the attack of the strikes is good. It is not too strong and it reproduces the impact of the finger on the steel in a satisfactory way when most other contact microphones often find their limit here.

- Finally the quality/price ratio of this microphone is very interesting.


- The microphone will not pick up the internal frequencies of the instrument (helmoltz).

- Effective microphone for live performances, but it will never replace a good static or dynamic microphone at 1500 € or even 300 € if you want to hear the nuances or if you try to capture the natural sound of the instrument as closely as possible.

Felt pads act as a buffer between the microphone and the instrument. They allow you to "modulate the pickup and the impact of the strikes and avoid any scratching of your instrument. It is up to you to use the thickness that suits you according to your preferences. A padded fabric pouch allows you to carry and protect your EnSoul microphone. Move around, play in the street, in the studio or at home safely.

For more tips and information, please see the downloadable PDF user guide below.

Assembled in the USA from imported parts and materials.


Uniquely encased passive-powered transducer
A one-quarter inch female jack
Cloth Buffers, alter Gain and Frequency
Tab-band for drum stand attachment

Item Weight: .05 lbs.
Item Length: 3 Inches
Item Height: 1.5 Inches
Item Width: 1 Inches
Origin: US
UPC: 844731063336

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    Bon le micro fait le boulot mais faut pas s'attendre à un truc de fou sans retravaillé le son. Je voulais l'utiliser avec un rc505 et bien c'est vraiment pas terrible. Pour de l'enregistrement en Mao ça peut le faire si on utilise d'autres micros, le mélange des pistes donnent un truc sympa

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