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Spacedrum Travel - 3/4
Spacedrum Travel - Side
Spacedrum Travel - Top
Spacedrum Travel - Bag
Spacedrum Travel - Wax
Spacedrum Travel - 3/4
Spacedrum Travel - Side
Spacedrum Travel - Top
Spacedrum Travel - Bag
Spacedrum Travel - Wax


The Spacedrum® Travel 8 notes A minor diatonic is a compact handpan with a diameter of 50 cm, ideal for nomadic and/or educational practice. This handpan is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. Solid and perfectly tuned, you have here the guarantee of buying a quality handpan at a low price and 100% made in France.

Delivery 3/4 weeks



Entirely manufactured in our workshops in France with all the passion that drives us and know-how acquired over many years, the Spacedrum Travel A minor diatonic is a compact, reliable and very easy to handle handpan.

The Spacedrum Travel is made from a special stainless steel alloy. Harder than classic steel, it prolongs tuning hold over time and its structural solidity is reinforced. The sound tessitura is respected and gains in sustain (sound duration) and sound volume are evident. This handpan will also be perfectly protected against the effects of corrosion, even in extreme weather conditions.

Steel shades may vary depending on the material batch and heat treatment. Each handpan is unique! (non-contractual photos)

Scale: A minor diatonic -> A3 - B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4

Included with the Spacedrum Travel:

1 x 30 ml wax jar

Maintenance: Wipe your instrument after each use with a microfiber cloth and regularly treat the surface of your handpan (dome + bottom) with dedicated wax. Clean your instrument with alcohol every 3 months or so to remove the layer formed by successive maintenance products deposits that can alter the sound of your instrument.

AVAILABILITY: 3/4 weeks (instrument made in our workshop following your order).

IMPORTANT: For the sales out of the European Union the price is tax free (french VAT is 20%). Be carefull, some importation taxes may be applied by the customs office at the delivery. SEE THE DUTY & TAX SECTION.

Contact us for more informations.

Support and advice


Support & advice


Handpan material: Stainless steel

Handpan outside diameter: 19.70 Inch

Handpan height: 9 Inch (dome 4,67 Inch / bottom 4,33 Inch)

Dome thickness: 1.2 mm

Number of handpan notes: 8 (7 + 1)

Handpan scale: Diatonic A Minor

Handpan tuning:  A3 - B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4

Handpan pitch: 440 Hz or 432 Hz

Surface treatment: Nitriding & annealing

Handpan finish: Oiled

Removable profile: Yes

Handpan weight: 8,6 lbs

Handpan origin: France

Handpan warranties: lifetime protection against corrosion & 3 years against welding defects

Included accessories:

- 1 x Reinforced handpan bag

- 1 x pot of handpan Spacedrum care beewax (1 Oz)

- 1 Operating and maintenance manual for handpan

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