Spacedrum Evolution 9 notes - Equinox


Equinox scale: F3 - G#3 C4 C#4 Eb4 F4 G4 G#4 C5

This handpan is the latest of five generations of Spacedrum Evolution. Also called sounds sculpture or pantam this melodic percussion is treated and protected against all corrosion, even in extreme conditions. Tee Equinox scale is one of the best seller of Metal Sounds handpan models.

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This Spacedrum® has 9 tones. Its Equinox scale starts with a F3 and ends on C5, then it's one of the largest range of all the Spacedrum models. Greater than conventional models 8 notes, with a diameter of 60 cm, it can play on notes with remarkable bass. This model is aimed both at experienced musicians, as conscious people play on a handpan offering deep sounds and vibrations. It can be put on a stand or on your laps despite it's a bit larger than regular handpan size.

This Spacedrum is the latest of five generations of Spacedrum Evolution. This handpan is treated and protected against all corrosion, even in extreme conditions. The stainless steel used, is harder than that of the DC04 and DC05 models, allows for durably, maintains the integrity of tuning, and gives extra solidity to this instrument. The sound range is well respected while the improved sustain (duration of the sound) and overall louder volume are evident.

With its double DING, the lowest note (in the center) delivering a duller bass tone, and allowing for more proficient playing. Coupled with enlarged DIMPLES to optimize the overall balance, this polished new Handpan offers a more luxurious design, reflecting its great quality.

The layout of the notes of the Spacedrum Evolution is inverted compared to that of other handpans such as the Spacedrum Nitro for example. Here the Ding is played with the right hand and we continue the scale up by alternating left and right hand. See above the diagram of the notes or download the manual.

This instrument is fragile and needs to be well protected when handled or shipped. The supplied bag is specially designed for a good protection of the Spacedrum.

Scale: Equinox --> F3 - G#3 C4 C#4 Eb4 F4 G4 G#4 C5

CAUTION: Choose the handpan case model from the drop-down menu (above the price):
- Deluxe soft bag - Metal Sounds (default model)
Evatek Large - Hardcase Technologies
Evatek LargeEvapad - Hardcase Technologies
Hardcase Large - Metal Sounds

1 Oz pot of Spacedrum care beewax is included with the instrument.

Maintenance tips for the Spacedrum Evolution:
Wipe your instrument with a soft microfibre cloth after each use.

To care for your handpan remove the removable rubber profile and apply wax or oil to the entire outer surface of the instrument (top and bottom) about once a month with a microfibre cloth. Also remember to clean your instrument with alcohol 2 to 3 times a year to remove the deposit due to successive applications of wax or oil. Do not leave your handpan in its case and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

AVAILABILITY: Around 3/4 weeks

IMPORTANT: for the sales out of the European Union the price is tax free (french VAT is 20%). Be carefull, some importation taxes may be applied by the customs office at the delivery. See duty & tax section.

Spacedrum Manual

Presentation booklet of the handpans Spacedrum. Game instructions with the note patterns, care instructions and warranties.

Download (1.78M)

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Based on 5 reviews

  • Sandrine E.
    Published 13/05/2020 à 09:05 (Order date: 23/04/2020)

    Quel son !!!! Merci merci merci

  • Emmanuel B.
    Published 25/02/2020 à 16:50 (Order date: 27/12/2019)

    Très bon produit je suis ravi

  • Bertrand P.
    Published 20/12/2019 à 23:31 (Order date: 30/10/2019)

    Tout est dit dans mon commentaire précédent. Instrument conforme à mes attentes. Bonne qualité et bien accordé.

  • Alexandre M.
    Published 04/12/2019 à 08:15 (Order date: 16/10/2019)

    Correspond exactement à nos attentes.

  • Stéphane T.
    Published 20/12/2018 à 13:03 (Order date: 01/11/2018)

    Exceptionnel !! Fabrication soignée Son magnifique Accessoires au top je recommande les baguettes pour un son typé Caraïbes

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