HOKEMA - Sansula Renaissance Expand

HOKEMA - Sansula Renaissance



The Hokema Sansula Renaissance is an improved version of the Sansula Basic. By using a Remo synthetic skin and integrating it directly into the body of the instrument, Hokema has taken the quality and durability of the instrument to a new level.
The best 9-note Sansula model ever!

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133,33 €

Casque ou écouteurs recommandés / Use headphone

While the Sansula Basic has a relatively fragile membrane, the Sansula Renaissance is equipped with a robust synthetic skin from REMO. The basic model has a black rubber tension ring around the body, while the Renaissance has a raised wooden rim that directly integrates the synthetic skin. An impressive "wah-wah" effect can be produced by holding the instrument against the body, the top of a table or the back of the Sansula cover. Moisture resistant, the Sansula Renaissance retains its tension in varying humidity conditions, allowing it to retain its wonderful sound.

It is your perfect travel companion with its easily felt vibrations. The A minor tuning is perfect for improvisation and intuitive playing. It allows you to produce beautiful melodies without knowing the music.
It is an excellent melodic percussion instrument for all age groups, durable and easy to play. Consider the reinforced case to protect your Sansula and take it on the road with you.

The custom made Sansula carrying and protection case (optional) is highly recommended to protect the Sansula and will allow you to bring your instrument with you everywhere. Add the cover in the drop-down menu above the price and get a 3€ discount.

Tuning: A minor ( A - C - C - A - A - F - E - E - B )

Sansula Renaissance in 432 Hz or 440 Hz? --> Choose the pitch from the drop-down menu above the price.

Notes: 9
Body: Beechwood
Membrane: REMO synthetic skin
Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm
Weight: 320 g


Instructions for tuning the Sansula or Kalimba B9

Download (282.5k)

Sansula Renaissance manual

Tips for using and carrying Sansula Renaissance

Download (1.46M)
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Knowledge made in France
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