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HOKEMA - Sansula Basic Melody



The Sansula Basic Melody with its 11 notes offers a greater variety of playing than its little sister the 9 note Sansula. With its G major scale, many melodies can be played to reproduce well-known pieces or to improvise easily without knowing the music.

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115,83 €

With its sound, the Sansula has conquered the world in only 10 years. The thin membrane amplifies the sound beautifully and the oval frame forms an open resonance chamber. Placed on the player's lap, on a table or a drum, lifting it up and putting it down again creates a soft and bewitching vibrato effect.
The renowned manufacturer Peter Hokema invented this instrument in 2001 and has developed it to a quality that allows experimentation with sound as well as manipulation and aesthetics in their most advanced forms.

By using the best materials, the five Sansula models have been perfected in the meantime and Hokema sets the highest standards in the market with its products. The Sansula Basic Melody is mounted on a cellulose skin. This gives it a full soundstage with long-lasting sounds. Although the thin cellulose skin is inherently very stable, unlike the Sansula Renaissance, it can break or tear if dropped or mishandled by children. Hokema will replace the head in this case, or upgrade your Sansula Basic with a Remo drum head to an indestructible Sansula Renaissance.

Traditionally, the kalimba (sanza, mbira, thumb piano) is the instrument of South African storytellers. The player is enchanted by dreamlike sounds and melodies, even without any knowledge of notes or music.

The custom made Sansula carrying and protection case (optional) is highly recommended to protect the skin of the Sansula Melody and will allow you to bring your instrument with you everywhere. Add the cover in the drop-down menu above the price and get a 3€ discount.

Tuning : G major ( G - A - E - D - C - G - D - G - F# - B - A )

Sansula Basic MELODY in 432 Hz or 440 Hz? --> Choose the pitch from the drop-down menu above the price.

Notes: 11
Body: Beechwood
Membrane: Cellulose
Dimensions: 215 x 165 x 73 mm
Weight: 450 g


Instructions for tuning the Sansula or Kalimba B9

Download (282.5k)

Sansula Basic Melody manual

Tips for using and carrying Sansula Basic Melody

Download (1.48M)
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Knowledge made in France
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