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This is the Deluxe version of the Sansula Hokema with a natural calf skin and an Allen key adjustment system. Each Sansula Deluxe Hokema is unique. A high quality musical instrument that will enchant you with its finish and harmonious melodies. For purists!https://metalsounds-shop.com/en/hokema-kalimbas/487-hokema-sansula-basic-4260234790016.html

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Casque ou écouteurs recommandés / Use headphone

The Sansula Deluxe is an evolution of the Sansula Basic model. At the request of many customers, it has been equipped with a stable natural calf skin membrane and a tensioning device. These changes make the instrument even more versatile.
It is usually not necessary to tighten the skin. In case of high humidity, however, the skin can be loosened and then tightened with the supplied Allen key. Each Sansula Deluxe model is unique and is made of natural materials and features an even richer and warmer sound, as well as robustness.

The Sansula Basic is too fragile for young children to use, but both the Sansula Deluxe and the Sansula Renaissance can be put in the hands of children and played in music schools. Careful handling, as is customary and appropriate for musical instruments, is of course necessary.

A perfect tool for meditation, home relaxation, yoga, sonotherapy or music therapy, the Sansula Deluxe is a versatile musical instrument that meets the demands of the most discerning musician. With the ability to change scales, you can play in different keys and work on stage or in the studio.
It is also very suitable for beginners as it is easy to play without a false note thanks to its harmonised scales.

reinforced case is also available and will allow you to carry your Sansula Deluxe safely. Add it in the drop-down menu above the price.

Tuning : A minor ( A - C - C - A - A - F - E - E - B )

Sansula DELUXE in 432 Hz or 440 Hz? --> Choose the pitch from the drop-down menu above the price.

Notes: 9
Body: Beechwood
Membrane: Calf skin
Skin tensioning system: Allen key
Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm
Weight: 320 g


Instructions for tuning the Sansula or Kalimba B9

Download (282.5k)

Sansula Deluxe manual

Tips for using and carrying Sansula Deluxe

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  • Adeline C.
    Published 02/12/2022 à 17:21 (Order date: 25/11/2022)

    Sansula reçue très rapidement et bien emballée, parfait :)

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